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Kraese Repairs offers specialized Harley Davidson Repair and Build Services, catering to motorcycle enthusiasts who demand the best for their bikes. 
Our team of experienced mechanics is adept at handling everything from routine maintenance to full-scale engine rebuilds and full custom builds.
At Kraese Repairs, each Harley Davidson is treated with the utmost care, ensuring that every repair enhances performance and reliability.
Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous workmanship and use of genuine Harley parts.


Harley Repair Services We Provide



Krease Repairs offers a specialized tune-up service for Harley Davidson motorcycles, designed to enhance performance and ensure longevity. This service includes a comprehensive check-up and optimization of the engine, transmission, and electrical systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency.



We carry a full line of top notch oils and dependable fuels for small engine equipment to keep optimal performance for your equipment.



Krease Repairs offers a bespoke customizing service for Harley Davidson motorcycles, catering to riders who wish to personalize their bikes to their specific tastes and needs. This service covers a wide range of modifications, from aesthetic enhancements such as custom paint jobs and the addition of unique bodywork, to performance upgrades like aftermarket exhaust systems, engine tuning, and the installation of high-performance parts.



Our Complete Custom Build service for Harley Davidson motorcycles is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts looking to own a truly one-of-a-kind bike. This premium service takes motorcycle customization to the next level, offering clients the opportunity to have their dream bike built from the ground up. Starting with a detailed consultation to capture the client's vision, preferences, and specifications, Krease Repairs leverages its expertise in design, engineering, and craftsmanship to create a motorcycle that is entirely bespoke.



We offer a comprehensive Electrical Repair service specifically tailored for Harley Davidson motorcycles, addressing all aspects of the bike's electrical system to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This service caters to a range of electrical issues, from simple fixes like battery replacement and lighting repairs to more complex problems involving the ignition system, wiring harnesses, and electronic control units (ECUs).



Krease Repairs offers a specialized Brake Repair service for Harley Davidson motorcycles, ensuring riders enjoy safe and responsive braking performance. This essential service addresses all components of the bike's braking system, including pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and fluid. The skilled technicians at Krease Repairs conduct thorough inspections to identify wear and tear or potential failures, from replacing worn-out brake pads and rotors to repairing or replacing damaged calipers and leaking brake lines.



This service targets the essential components that transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. With a focus on durability and performance, Krease Repairs' skilled technicians expertly handle the replacement of worn-out or damaged drive belts and chains, a common need for motorcycles that have accumulated miles or show signs of aging.

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We offer a dedicated Starter Repair service for Harley Davidson motorcycles, designed to address issues related to the starting system of these iconic bikes. This service is essential for ensuring that your motorcycle fires up reliably every time you hit the ignition. The starter system, crucial for initiating the engine's operation, can suffer from wear and tear, electrical faults, or mechanical damage over time.



The technicians at Krease Repairs are experts in diagnosing and fixing all types of clutch issues. They meticulously assess each component of the clutch system, including the clutch plates, springs, cable or hydraulic system, and the clutch basket, to identify the root cause of the problem. Whether it's adjusting the clutch cable for optimal tension, replacing worn-out clutch plates, or repairing the hydraulic system, Krease Repairs uses only the highest quality parts and fluids to ensure that your Harley Davidson's clutch operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible.



The service involves a thorough inspection and replacement of old or malfunctioning spark plugs with premium, high-performance ones that are compatible with your specific Harley Davidson model. The experienced technicians at Krease Repairs use specialized tools to carefully remove and replace the spark plugs, ensuring the correct gap and tightness according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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